Monday, July 26, 2010

Thing Twenty-Three

When the idea of Library2Play was first presented to me I was a little leery. Could I possibly complete 23 "Techno" things. Me, the one who always tries to find a way to NOT use the computer. Ahhh, and here I am at number 23!! An amazing journey. I have told collegues about the things I have learned and now they want ME to teach them!
1. My favorite discoveries were Bookr, Trading Cards, and image generators. Number one favorite: Trading Cards. I can think of many ways these can be used in the classroom, generated by me or my students.
2. I am always on a quest to find out new information and to bring new experiences into my classroom. This experience definitely helped with that!! Looking at the other blogs also helped me to visualize an end product that I can actually use in my classroom. The PhotoStory on Corrie Ten Boom will definitely be used this year during my Humans Rights Planner.
3. The most surprising thing was the amount of information on the Internet that I had no idea was there. RSS, Google Docs, IGoogle, WIKIs, Digital Storytelling and the list goes on. I may have heard the terms but I didn't really understand what they were and what purpose they served.
4. I actually love the concept and the way the blog was organized. The only thing that would help me more was to have the problems discussed previously presented with solutions. For example, TeacherTube where several people were having issues embedding the videos. I found the answer on a comment somewhere.
5. YES, she excaimed emphatically, "I would definitely participate in another program such as this!"
6. 23 Things is an extraordinary journey into the internet world where knowledge and expertise is only a click away!


  1. I look forward to seeing how you use these tools in your classroom this upcoming year. Let me know if I can be of any help!

  2. Thanks Glenn for hooking me up!! This has been great! Now, if only I can get my computers to work!!

  3. Thanks for your interest in helping out the kiddos in Costa Rica. I have posted a photo story on my blog on thing #22 if you would like to view them at the orphanage. I agree that it is always a good idea to teach our students to reach out to others around the world. I will defineltly keep you in mind when an opportunity arrives that would allow us to connect with them. Cheers to a great school year! Your blog looks amazing.