Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Thing Six

How many ways can you use Trading Cards?
1. Create one for your students for the first day of school. Getting to know your teacher.
2. Students create one and use to find out who has the same interests.
3. Create with a meaningful picture and use as a reward.
4. Create one for a character in a story.
5. Create one for a significant building for architecture unit.
6. Create space trading cards.
7. Your favorite book.
8.. Vocabulary words.
9. Famous Human Rights activists
10. Ways to save the planet with picture to match.
As you can tell, I am now in love with Trading Cards!! These are just a few of the ways I was thinking of using them while creating one tonight. This is now my new favorite - sorry mosaic maker!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thing Five

Okay I have been using Flickr for over a year and just learned ten new things about it!! I had no idea about tagging, groups, or even how to keep my pictures private! I usually upload my pictures to Flickr so I can then use Big Huge Labs to make mosaics. I joined a group of teachers sharing pictures of work and projects created in the classroom. I tried to leave a post, but I could not figure out how. (I could not find anywhere how to enter post!)

I choose this picture of the notebooks because I use notebooks myself and I use them in my classroom. I am always buying a blank notebook and creating a purpose for it!

Thing Four

Sent email to register blog to officially be a part of 23 Things!! I am going to make it a goal to begin with the end in mind!! My goal is to make it through all 23 things on schedule and receive those professional development hours!!

Thing Three

Setting up the blog was an easy task because I have been working with two blogs this year. The avatar was a little difficult until I realized that for some reason my computer was not showing the bottom of the screen. Which would account for the reason I could not figure out how to copy the avatar to my blog!!! I caught a glimpse of the heading and closed the program and reopened it. Then the box that leads you to the html came up no problem.

Thing Two

I am definitely a life long learner and this summer before my 16th year of teaching I am working on learning Dutch, reading for enjoyment, and reading educational literature. (I left out that I am reading to learn about blogging too!) The easiest habit for me would be number two: accepting responsibility for my own learning. I continually seek out new and innovative ideas to use in my classroom and in my life. The hardest habit would be number one: Begin with the end in mind. I have a tendency to just tackle a new experience without thinking where it might go or what the possibilities are. The video even mentions what do you want to do with the new language you are learning. I did not think that far ahead!

Thing One

Exploring the blog was very interesting. I enjoy seeing how everyone has put the information together in their own unique way. I am looking forward to seeing where this journey will take me.

23 Things??

A friend sent me an email with this intriguing title... The summer that I choose to do nothing! However I am fascinated with the art of blogging and all things technical. So, GLENN, I will give this a go and see where I end up!