Friday, July 23, 2010

Thing Eleven

While I love to keep lists of what books I have read (seems to be a family tradition) I do not care to much for Library Thing. I am not one to read the reviews of others before choosing books. It seems like this is something for when you have absolutely nothing else to do! I usually do not have that problem. I have to admit I am a paper and pen kinda of girl and I still enjoy the old fashioned way of cataloging the books I have read. However, I am open to giving it a go. I did sign up and choose a few favorites both classroom and personal.


  1. Hi Ms. Musters,

    Hopped to your blog via the Library2Play project, of course. I agree with you about not paying much attention to reviews, but have you thought about how you could use Lib-Thing to get and give recommendations, or set up class booklists tagged with various subjects?

  2. I suppose that is something I could have the students do. We could have a class LibraryThing. However, I am a teacher who believes in print in the room and we usually write and display the recommendations.

  3. Hi! The blogroll is just something I added so I could easily link over to lots of 23 Things blogs and make comments. I don't think there was a Thing for it.