Monday, June 21, 2010

Thing Six

How many ways can you use Trading Cards?
1. Create one for your students for the first day of school. Getting to know your teacher.
2. Students create one and use to find out who has the same interests.
3. Create with a meaningful picture and use as a reward.
4. Create one for a character in a story.
5. Create one for a significant building for architecture unit.
6. Create space trading cards.
7. Your favorite book.
8.. Vocabulary words.
9. Famous Human Rights activists
10. Ways to save the planet with picture to match.
As you can tell, I am now in love with Trading Cards!! These are just a few of the ways I was thinking of using them while creating one tonight. This is now my new favorite - sorry mosaic maker!


  1. Oh my goodness! I have to copy and remember some of these suggestions. Thanks so much! What a master teacher you must be. Lucky students ;-)

    I really have enjoyed following your blog. Thanks again!

  2. Hi Nanette,
    You have great ideas for trading cards. I am already thinking about the beginning of school (and in July!) and how I can use some of your ideas.

  3. You came up with soem great ideas for the use of Trading Cards that tie directly to your curicullum! Good job!